Welcome to My Page of Crazy Concoctions!

For those of you who didn't completely follow Giggleman's site from the beginning, you missed his ill-famed "Loser Meals for One" page. A page where he generally made a meal that a bachelor would typically make (similar to meals like "Macaroni and Cheese with chopped up Hot Dogs".. My uncle Zachary made that for me once..) and posted how and why and all that good stuff.. I guess it turned out to be too much of a pain in the ass for him and he stopped doing them, and eventually took the entire segment (along with a million others) off his site.

So there... That's my credit for the inspiration that motivated me to do this page.

Here, I will attempt to do things that have never been done before. Venture into realms that haven't yet been imagined. I will take what comes to me of course.. Mostly when the question pops into my head "What can I do with these leftovers?", I'll have a new invention! And if I'm feeling frisky I might take the time to take pictures of it to put it on this very page!

If I make a lot of stuff, I will have a different page for three different meals or so.. but for now I'll just do them on this page.. So without further ado, I bring to you..:


So there I was, in my kitchen.. holding a Gladware container 1/5th full of leftover Ravioli that I just couldn't finish the night before. "This isn't enough for a meal..", I spoke to my pile of stuffed animals sitting on a box outside of my kitchen, and then I began tapping my upper teeth with my irregularly long fingernail.. Thinking.. Thinking.. What can I do with this?

"You have plenty of Ramen noodles.", one of the stuffed animals murmured.. Even though I told them I was ignoring them.. Why do they keep speaking to me? But it was a good idea anyway, so I pulled out a bag of creamy chicken flavored Ramen and threw it in a pot of near-boiling water.

I waited three minutes or so, pulling a noodle out occasionally to see if they were done or not, and once they were I went to drain most of the water out. I pulled the pot up too hard and a bit of water spilled on my bare (except for the crumbs sticking to the bottom of it of course) foot.. and it hurt something fierce I tell you. Anyway, I drained all but a quarter inch of the water and added the MSG intense flavoring and stirred it up good.

Looking good so far, right? Well I think so at least.

Then came the moment of truth. The event that would put me into the point of no return. It was time to add the cold ravioli. I pulled the container out of the fridge, opened it and dumped it into the pot (I left the stove on low, in case the ravioli made the food too cold).

Still looking good, right? Erm...

Anyway, from that point I stirred it up real good.. Making sure to get a nice even and seamless ravioli and ramen taste to this amazingly creative venture.

If someone were to ever came to me, and say "Jonathan, you are about to see a little clump of heaven cooking in a pot.", I would have imagined it'd look something like this.


From there I dumped it into a bowl. I would have taken a picture of it.. But I'd like to think all five of my readers have an imagination. In this case, you will have to use that 'imagination' and put a blue ceramic bowl in place of the pot you see above and that's what it looked like. And add a spoon.

But enough about the looks.. How did it taste?
Do you even care? Do you even want to know?
It was alright. The ravioli kind of lost it's flavor, and I doubt ramen noodles even have the capability of loosing their flavor, so it wasn't the meal to end all meals.

But I do consider it a success. Will I ever do it again? Heh! Not when there's so many other concoctions to try!

Until next time...