I know the button you clicked on to get here said "Where We Live" and then you got here, and found that it is not "Where We Live" but instead "Where We Lived". I am very much aware of the mis-match and please know that it will be rectified in coming years.
Thank you.

All you will see here are pictures of my apartment. The only reason this page exists is because more people/family/friends have shown an interest in it than anything else that I have available on this page.


  Well, folks... It's about time I invested some money in some furniture.. Bedroom furniture, that is. I've been without a dresser for almost three years now, and I find that very embarrassing to tell you. Here are some pictures.

  'Twas a good deal, overall... It's my first (own) bedroom set and it didn't cost me very much. It looks nice, and was cheap. I doubt it will survive many moves, but I don't think I need it to, because I should be able to get something much better by the time I'm out of the Army.


Well, due to Giggleman's poking and prodding I've decided to update this page. Not to mention that he went ahead and said something about my lack of update on his own apartment page... Things like that shouldn't go unsettled.

So here I bring to you:


Please note, that I still don't have all the furniture I want. I still need an entertainment center, and I still need a bedroom set. Please don't make fun of me.. I need a small kitchen table as well, but I don't really have the room for that.

Note the stereo.. Do you see what it's sitting on? It's a box with a sheet over it! And there's the beanbag chair my girlfriend got for me last Christmas. And that's the same tree I've had for the last year nearly. There's my defective futon, that I payed too much money for, along with my collection of stuffed animals (which are sitting on top of a bunch of boxes with a sheet over it), and the latch-hook rug my mom made for me. This is where I spend too much of my time. I have it set up pretty well. A more comfortable chair would be nice, but I don't have the means to get it here :(. The desk on the right is the one that Josh gave me.
The left side of my kitchen. The dishwasher stays open, because all I use it for is to dry my dishes. The right side of my kitchen. There is a programmable coffee pot. I got it for $20 at Target. Also there is my possessed refrigerator (it moans and wails - I think it's the ice maker). As you can see, I have lots of cabinet space. The bed is rarely made, so enjoy the sight while you can. Well.. I guess that could be forever, considering it's a picture. I still don't have a real dresser, but I do have a nightstand that Josh gave me. Boxes full of unused clothes on the right (can't see them in this pic).
  And what bachelor's pad would be complete without the nasty bathroom? I tried to position the camera to show minimal discustiveness, I hope I did alright.  



The place is pretty basic. It's old too....located in North Old Alexandria, VA as a matter of fact. The sockets don't even have grounding holes. It includes a washer and dryer, dishwasher, and miniblinds. And a refrigerator and gas stove too. The neighborhood is pretty nice. There's people keeping in shape everywhere...running up and down the streets at all hours of the day. I think I'm the youngest person in the area though. If it's not a 5 year old kid, then it's a 28-45 year old adult.

Back to my apartment. It's one bedroom (about 600 sq. ft.), one bathroom. Two closets (neither very big). A nice sized living room and a small kitchen with about 20 cabinets with shelves just short enough to keep me from putting cereal boxes in them. The bedroom is pretty nice sized too. I pay $699 a month, plus electric and gas. They pay for water and trash.


So I waited, and waited, and waited for my stuff to get here. The place was pretty empty without it. So the day came for my stuff to arrive....and nothing came. So I called..."Where's my stuff" to "We're really backed up blah blah blah". I later found out that they lost everything. It took them four days to find it. That's AMC Relocations, folks. They lost my stuff and then they lied to me about it. So eventually I got everything from them. Here's what it looked like a few hours afterwards.

There will be more pics when I have all the furniture I want. My clothes are still in piles, and some other things are stacked up on boxes. To be updated whenever....