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Useless History

It all started in High School 11th grade English. We read Lord of the Flies and then watched the movie. We had to do a critique on the movie. Where everybody in my class liked the movie, I concentrated on how the movie disgraced the book. I was the only one who got an A on that report...by being a pessimist. Ever since then I've had the false notion that my opinion mattered. So here I am...providing it for you in this easy to read and navigate PC games (note: Frames removed 02APR06 - this paragraph was originally written sometime in 2000) review page. I try to include unpopular games as much as possible. I know that if I were to buy a game like Max Payne I would do nothing but complain about it.

If there's a good game out there in a corner somewhere, I hope to find it. And then put it on this page so that you know what you're missing. A site dedicated to this sort of thing is over at the Home of the Underdogs

I have recently purchased Hypersnap DX. This allows me to take screenshots in any game. This was the big hangup on why I haven't been working on the reviews so much (02APR06 - This is a lie because I didn't write very many reviews after that). Please be patient. I don't want anymore hate mail. I'm doing my best. Really.

02APR06 - I finally removed the frames. It looked/worked good for when I only had five or six reviews... but now that I'm about to write my twelfth one it just isn't practical to have a list of 12 games at the left of the page at all times. Plus I've finally figured out that frames suck.

I really had high hopes for this page/section but my laziness as always prevailed. Writing game reviews is fun, but very timetaking - add to the fact that hardly anybody cares about my reviews it's difficult to get started on a new one.