Primary Leadership Development Course

Class 02-005 at Fort Knox, Kentucky. March 11th through April 10th. 4th Platoon "Arthropods"


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  This is simply a mediocre collection of pictures and memories of the people that I met while in PLDC. Up there is a (blurry) picture of all of us that graduated in 4th platoon.. Can you pick me out? If so, that's the only picture you'll see of me on this page :).

There are three movies you can download There are a few things you should know:     1: Right click the link and 'Save Target As', rather than just clicking on it. This will save it to your hard drive, so you can watch it at any time. 2: You need Quicktime software to see it. This can be downloaded from Apple. Most computers eventually get it at one time or another, so try playing the movie before downloading that software. 3: The size of the screen can be adjusted by dragging and dropping the lower right corner of the box around the movie (while playing). This is useful because you wouldn't be able to see much without doing that.

How PLDC hurt us

There were many discrepancies over the uniform to be worn on the next day


I even made a movie of it... (click here)Movie #1. 2.07MB

Molello goes crazy.

After the field, nearly everybody had a tick. And in many different areas.

I even made a movie of it... (click here)Movie#2. 5.66MB

Velez plays doctor in the shower room.

We also cleaned a lot of stuff.

I even made a movie of it... (click here)Movie#3.

Mini-Me plays with something his own size.

Now, for pictures that don't really have stories.....

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