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As you can see at the top, this is my movie page. All movies are recorded by me and my camera unless stated otherwise. In order to watch them you will need Quicktime, Apple's proprietary movie playing software. It is a very efficient format, and generally gives a high quality play while taking up very little disk space and bandwidth. It is also the only format that my camera records in. The sound is horrible most of the time, so have your volume control ready before playing.

The best way to do it, is to right click the movie you want to watch and "Save Target As.." and watch them by double clicking on the file (located where you saved it to), because if your browser isn't configured 'just right' you can spend tons of time downloading it only to find that it wont play through your browser... All predicted download speeds are based off of a 5k/s.

High Quality Movies
(320 x 240)

12MAR06 (a year and four days since the previous one)

These two movies were uploaded a long time ago, but only recently available for clicking on this page. They can be viewed with Windows Media Player (I hope).

3.6 Meg/18 seconds long.

13.5 Meg/48 seconds long.
Remember a while back when I was talking about when my clutch broke? Well, this is what I was doing when that happened, only faster because I wasn't shifting and holding a camera to my dashboard at the time. Walking around St. Augustine we went into a candy shop and I noticed a squirrel running around inside it. Since I like squirrels (especially friendly ones) I made a movie showing how close it let me get.

9 Meg/44 seconds long.

19.1 Meg/1 minute, 12 seconds long.
I don't remember where I was flying to or from, but it was kind of creepy, looking at these angry clouds flashing every two seconds or so. This is me riding (and conversing) in a car in Ireland just looking around. It was a pretty unique experience.

8.2 Meg/28 seconds long
~28 minute download

51.0 Meg/3 minutes long
~3 hour download
A small movie of me walking around the backyard at my Mom's place in Kenner.. Where it happened to be snowing on Christmas Day. Easily the best movie I ever recorded.. It features Mr. Bobby giving an instruction on milatons and prisms, as well as my sister getting up close and personal with my camera. Worth the download if you're on dial-up.. Just begin to save it before you go to bed and it should be done by the time you get up the next morning. :)


2.0 Meg/10 seconds long
~7 minute download

6.4 Meg/34 seconds long
~21 minute download

5.1 Meg/25 seconds long
~17 minute download
A pointless movie of me walking around my Team Chief at the time. Another pointless movie of me getting my mail with the 514th mail clerk at the time. Basically this is here just so the guy can see himself once I tell him he's on the internet. A perfect example of what happens when you pull out a camera with the sole purpose of annoying people. Turn up your volume for this one.

23.2 Meg/1 minute, 58 seconds long
~76 minute download

7.6 Meg/38 seconds long
~9 minute download

4.9 Meg/24 seconds long
~17 minute download
A rather long movie of me talking to Lee, his wife and Eakins before I leave Ft. Bragg forever. Kind of sad, and kind of funny at the same time. Simple enough, this movie takes place at a Halloween party I went to a couple of years back, where I got to see an old friend from AIT. You can only see the back of his hand in this movie, but at least you can see some cool smoke. Just a cat outside my Mom's apartment that wanted food. So I threw it a bouncy ball.

15.5 Meg/1 minute, 18 seconds long
~51 minute download

14 Meg/1 minute, 10 seconds long
~47 minute download

4.5 Meg/22 seconds long
~15 minute download
Another movie where my only purpose is to annoy with the camera. This is my friend Christina trying to put gas in her car. I had to stop the movie once we got in the store because the cashier looked mad at me. Probably one of the more interesting movies I've made.. This one took place inside a bus we were riding in in Senegal, on the way to the harbor so we could get to the island. I stopped the movie just before the car stopped... I didn't want to get beat up. Just me and Xerzes, walking to the building we work in from the parking lot. Only watch it if you're really bored.
Low Quality Movies
(160 x 120)

I should rename this section to Low Quality Movie, because I'm never going to record another 160 x 120 movie ever again (thank you CompactFlash for your 1GB memory card).

2.8 Meg/35 seconds long
~9 minute download
This is what we did after formation in my old unit. We stood around, waiting for our platoon leadership to make decisions that were all to easy to predict.

When I learn to make movies that are actually interesting, I'll be sure to post them here. Until then, you'll have to deal with what I've got.