Information About This Site

UPDATE (-09OCT2022-): The original way of creating this site was specifically for desktop computers, because in 2000 until about 2007 that was all that was around that was capable of accessing internet content. Most links and other items have a mouse hover "secret message" that will never be seen on a mobile phone, and almost every thumbnail image opens up in a new window, which on a mobile phone would never be noticed. I am in process of overhauling this site so that it can be accessible via mobile device as well as the one-off desktop running at high resolution (it's not 1600 x 1200 anymore!). Another major part of this process is updating the code to HTML5 standards so that it is no longer obsolete, plus validating each page through W3C. I am doing this by hand, so it will take a while with my limited free time. Hope I can stay motivated!!!

---End of Update---

---Begin Original "Information" from 2003---

There are certain things about this site that I do, and reasons for them.

The whole site is best viewed in a resolution of 1024 x 768. I know most of who looks at it are using 800 x 600, and probably don't even know how to change it to the higher one, but I feel that it looks a lot better than it ever could the higher the resolution you view it at. So basically, if pictures are off center, or you have to scroll left or right to see everything, then it's your computer. It's broken. Yeah. That's it. Broken.

Another thing is I try to make all thumbnails open in a new window. I do this, so that bandwidth is conserved, so that when you look at a picture, and want to look at another one, you don't have to click back, and reload the page. Also this allows you to open up more than one picture at once, and if you want to save it then you don't have to do it right then, but you can get a bunch of them and do it at one time...later. Also you can read what I've written while the pic is loading, thus making you a very efficient web-surfer. I also do the same with links, so as to not completely distract you from my site, because after all, you are looking at it for a reason, right?

Nothing here is finished. Nor will it ever be. Webpage building is fun at first, but gets tiresome when you've been doing it for a while.

Also, any review I write, any news update, any traffic rant, caption, whatever is rarely done with a plan in mind, so you'll notice that I digress often. Sorry, but that's something you'll have to deal with.

And one thing more... This site is coded in 95% pure HTML, by me. I use 1st Page, a free utility to type in HTML. It makes it easy to spot mistakes, and preview what you've written. Eventually I may even dedicate a page to it. The only thing that's not coded by me is that javascript thing on my bar up there. I cut and pasted that from one of 1st Page's many many javascripts.