A page like this should be created by anyone who has a digital camera. Otherwise, why else would you have a digital camera? Just to look at pictures? No... So you can show them off! Now that brings up the question.. Why are there so many digital camera owners out there without a website? Unfortunately I cannot answer that question. You must look into yourself, digital camera owner, and ask it. Only the enlightened will find the answer. But of course, if you are enlightened then you would have a website. Like me.

I first started this page with the intent of just putting sunset pictures up. Well, wouldn't you know, that even though there's a sunset and a sunrise every day that I don't get much of a chance to take a picture of one? Of course if I were hardcore I'd go up to a mountain at five in the morning and wait until the sun rose. I'm sure something like that would come out really nice. But instead what you have are the ones that I just happened to see, and have my camera handy at the same time. This is, and always will be a collection in progress.

Due to the rampant internet theft of these pictures, I am now resizing my new ones to about half of what I originally wanted them to be on this site (from 1280 x 960 to 800 x 600).

This was the first sunset pic I took. It was at Fort Bragg in my barracks parking lot.
Outside of my old apartment in Alexandria, VA.
My favorite one. Taken outside of the guest house I was staying in when I first arrived to D.C.
Taken while sightseeing in D.C. with my girlfriend (now wife).
Same as before :)
This is from the balcony of the resort I was staying at in Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Actually a sunrise, but I'm not discriminatory. Taken while in Ft. Knox, the morning of the PLDC graduation.
I almost stopped my car to take a picture like this...
Yes, I took this while driving in the rain. I'm sooo..... .... ... DANGEROUS
Another pic taken on that same trip as the last (on the way to Knox... somewhere in West Virginia I believe). It even has street in it.
Yellowstone Park... Not much of a sunset, but minutes after I didn't see the sun until the next day.
Manila, Philippines. I stood outside for half an hour and took (roughly) a total of 100 pictures of this particular sunset. This is the best one out of all.
Seoul, Korea. I took about twenty pictures of the sun setting, and the last one I took came out best..
The first sunset pic taken with my Canon G5... this is in Boca Raton, Florida.
This time in Orlando, FL. Would have been much better had I been able to get to the roof of the hotel.. but it still came out with neat colors, even if the sun is completely blocked by trees and stuff.
The only good sunset that appeared during my work in Florida, and I was stuck in a well surrounded Mall parking lot while it happened.
Probably the best sunset picture I've ever taken due to the rarity of the placement of things. What you see is the Sun completely blocked by a cloud, and it reflected in the water, along with the wing of the plane shining in the color. Taken near New Orleans, LA.
The whole sky was colored orange and it made a very surreal feel for the area. The clouds are remnants of Hurricane Katrina. Taken in Siloam Springs, Arkansas.


    Since there are so few (well, there are more now than when I first wrote this paragraph - webmaster) sunset pictures up, I've decided to put up 'Other' pictures to fill in the space, thus making this page twice as fun to look at. Or interesting. Or boring. Or whatever. Some of these just seemed to come out well. Some I took with the full intent of putting it on the web for all to see.

Monkeys. From the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans.
The Falcon's Feast Dining Facility on Bolling Air Force Base. And satelite dishes...
A trellace with some vines in the Audubon Zoo.
An annoying kid at a friend's wedding.
Pretty (but not very good) food from that same wedding.
A wedding rehearsal.. also from that same wedding.
The goldfish pond (that had no goldfish) in the Audubon Zoo.
From Yellowstone park.. A steamy river/waterfall thing..
A picture of Old Faithful blowing up all over himself, and a scared-to-death bird flying away.
Waterfall in Yellowstone Park..
From Jackson Hole, Wyoming.
A pretty fountain in the plantation from my sister Nina's wedding near Baton Rouge, LA.
Trees and shadows from the Melhanna Plantation in Thomasville, GA.
More trees and shadows from the Melhanna Plantation in Thomasville, GA.
A suspension bridge in Waco, Texas.
Abstract shot of the cable of the suspension bridge in Waco.
I thought this came out extremely good. I like the architecture of this convention center (in Orlando) a lot.. and from this angle I thought it looked like a model.
The first night picture taken with my tripod/Canon G5 combo. It's a decorative waterfall outside the Hilton in Waco.
Another picture of a convention center in Orlando. I actually took a walk from my hotel to take this, and the battery in my camera died after taking just two pictures.
A river and autumn leaves near a science museum at a private school near Detroit.
A good abstract picture of one of my cousin's snowglobes. I am amazed that it came out so clear considering the low light levels and I wasn't using a tripod.
A tree of some sort that is seen all over southern Texas. This one happened to be in a little known town called SaRita.
Clouds. Taken from a really tall tree somewhere in Alabama(ish).



If you want to use any of these pictures, please ask me - crawdaddy79 gmail