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There was a page made previous to this, that had wayyy too many pictures, so I got rid of it. Now each section will have it's own little page... I will keep this page updated with each new page I add. It's still available for you to see, but it hasn't been updated in a while. Click here if you really want to see the old one.

Here is my list of pages.

Hurricane Katrina
OCT 05
It absolutely destroyed New Orleans... Well, I blame the
state government for not making stronger levees top priority years ago.

Rebecca's High School Graduation
MAY 05
Here are photos from the milestone that has changed my sister's life forever.

Christmas 2004
DEC 04
Just a small collection of pictures and captions regarding the time I took leave to go home for Christmas.

Jennifer's Wedding
Sometime in 04
More family pictures here than anywhere else on this page.

New Addition to the Family
NOV 03
Finally somebody in my family starts making babies again.. This time it's my Uncle Walter and Aunt Stacy.

Nina's Wedding
SEP 03
This is a small page with pictures of my older sister's wedding to the man of her dreams.

Mom's Rug Habit
DEC 02
Pictures and an animation of a rug my mother made for me.

Rebecca in Mardi Gras
MAR 02
My sister Rebecca got to ride a horse in a nationally recognized parade. Did you?

My Original Family Page
NOV 01?
Title says it all really.. It was the first one I made. Kind of a crappy job, and my mom was mad at me for not having a picture of just her anywhere, yet I had two cats' pictures.