Well, you all know how much of a pain in the arse it is to clear Ft.Bragg. Somehow I got finished a day earlier than I expected and hauled pooter out of there. The drive to Atlanta was long and boring, as it was getting moreso with each trip (I used to get excited about road trips -I love to drive- but it's funny how if I make the same trip more and more, it gets exponentially more long and boring). So I arrived at my girlfriends house (Though it is not hers...Christina, my friend for 4 years nearly, and Jen, a hyperactive 95-pounder also have a stake in it) unanounced. Christina and Jen were surprised to see me. Jess was already asleep. Once her light was turned on and she woke up and saw me, all I heard was an acoustic ('cause her room is big and empty) "What the hell are you doing here?"

From that day forward until Halloween I pretty much did nothing but play with my Dreamcast and on the internet with Jen's computer, and wash my car. I did however, get to see a couple of good movies (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Harry Potter, K-Pax. Both are excellent -kisses thumb and forefinger-) and the outside walls of "The World of Coke".

Also, a bunch of everybody (Dan, Tony, myself, Jess, Christina, Jen, Kim, and Kalii [sic] ) got together and went to Six Flags. It was very expensive to get in (like $50-to which I had a half off coupon). There were two 'bonus' haunted houses to go to, and we had to pay an extra 4 dollars a pop to go through them, and of course I didn't think they were worth it, because I am the pessimist. And then there were the rides ...Roller Coasters and wotnot. Those were fun, but not worth the two hours of standing in line (one of which had a pile of puke right in the way of where you needed to walk.....the smell was suffered by all for a minimum of 30 minutes per person hehe)-especially since the rides only lasted about 20 seconds or so.

And then there wa the Halloween party. Everybody mentioned above was there, minus Kalii and Kim. Plus a few more that I don't remember their names, and Jamie and Rebecca. So now Jamie is the last person that I've seen that I went to AIT with. Even though the lard boy is out of the Army now... He tried avoiding my camera, but I managed to get a few pics in....

Well, the party was great. Lots of drunkeness....don't think anyone puked, though. The morning after, Jess and I ventured out to New Orleans, my home town, so she could see it and meet my mom. We went to Rick's Famous Cafe where mom works and got some food. Very nervous time for all three of us. During the four days we were there, we did little. Pretty much the highlight was going to the Audobon Zoo. My half sister came down (from Baton Rouge - area), and we went to eat breakfast. We drove around. She got to meet Mr. Bobby and Mrs. Vicki. Jess and I tried to see the French Quarter on Sunday night, but it was WAY crowded... because the Saints were playing that day. We ended up going to Morning Call at some point during the trip, wheer I had the best coffee I've ever had in my life. So Monday evening she and I went back to Atlanta (she had to work), and Then Wednesday evening I drove back to New Orleans all by my lonesome. :( And for the next week I played on my mom's computer, I washed my car, I got to visit Auntie Donna and Unca Steve, and cousin Seth and cousin Alanna. I tried to see Uncle Zachary, but my short notice proved to be the demise of that. On top of that I had to leave a day early to report on Nov 19th, instead of the original 20th...So Saturday night I drove to Atlanta to visit Jess one last time and left Sunday morning. The drive was great until I hit Richmond. From there all the way to D.C. is three lanes of interstate... and it was all congested the WHOLE way. People here are almost as rude as the people in New Orleans. It's cleaner than N.O., but not as clean as Atlanta. Erm....almost everything in D.C. (and area around) is right between New Orleans (0) and Atlanta (10) in how everything is.....So I give D.C. a rating of 5.