Porsche Unleashed

02 April 06
My apologies for this review being so crappy. One day I might add some more stuff to it if I could get my X800 Pro to display detailed textures... If not then I'll just bitch about how this game never looked right on ATi cards.

Porsche Unleashed has to be the best racing game on the PC.
Having that said, you should go out and buy it. It's sad that this game went from $40 to $20 in a matter of four months. I would have gladly paid forty bucks for it. Even $55. There's a high production value, as with most EA games. From the opening movie to the music to the little extras (like the pictures of every Porsche ever produced aligned on a timeline), and to the game itself.

The graphics are simply amazing. I admit, there's not as much racing as there is sightseeing...but I enjoy sightseeing. There's people on the side, sweeping their porch, there's waterfalls aplenty, there's statues, bridges, monuments, cows, and much, much more!!! Every car is as detailed as the last..from the 944 to the 911 GT3 (which you have to download from EA's site).

Each Porsche has it's own authentic engine and horn sound. Tires screeching pretty much sound the same as any game. Wrecking sounds could have been more catastrophic sounding..but I guess you can't have everything. The music is a kind of techno/repetitive stuff. I just turn it down to barely audible..there's only a few songs that I like.

The handling of the cars is as realistic as the NFS series has offered since the first one. But the first one still comes up as more realistic. Except for the traction is geared at the center of the car. I'm still waiting for a game that allows me to REWIND a replay like the original NFS did.

I usually play the game right before I go to bed. It's very relaxing. Most of the colors used are pastel-types. Everything runs real smooth. It's not Nascar, and if you are looking for something like NFS III, you won't find it here. It's definitely different.