This is What I Deal With Every Day
That I Drive to and From Work

My apologies.

It would appear that I have changed jobs before I finished this little section on my experiences with Washington DC traffic.

As such, for a very long time I haven't had to deal with any of the nuances of what you read previously for a very very long time, and have lost a lot of my passion for writing about it.

I could write about the things that piss me off on my current drive to work... Frankly put, there really isn't that much to get angry about. I'm going against traffic the whole way there and back... and yes, while there are stupid drivers that are annoying and do annoying things; I really can't make a subject unique enough about it without my intersection-specific issues.

It is possible that one day I will revive this page with more stuff, but given my current (as mentioned earlier) lack of passion I sincerely doubt it. After all, the 3rd page was blank for over three years, when I had already updated it on my computer and forgot to upload the new content for at least two and a half years. How's that for procrastination?

-November 2008

Traffic Rant

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