Welcome to my Atari Jaguar Brochure/Catalog Scan Page!

Not much here. I had an old brochure, and couldn't throw it away. So I scanned it, and now I can throw it away. I'm posting it here, because I didn't want to be selfish. There are other versions on the internet, but they aren't nearly as high resolution. These scans aren't perfect, but they're as good as I'm gonna get 'em. Enjoy!

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Front Page of Brochure. Back of Brochure
First page, inside cover. Next page, with specs and other PR statements.
Alien vs. Predator full page ad. Doom full page ad.
Iron Soldier full page ad. Kasumi Ninja full page ad.
Tempest 2000 full page ad. Wolfenstein 3-D, Club Drive.
Checkered Flag, Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, Hover Strike. Raiden, Dino Dudes, Trevor McFur in the Crescent Galaxy.
Zool 2, Bubsy, Cybermorph, Val D'isere Skiing and Snowboarding. Battlemorph (CD), Blue Lightning (CD), Space War 2000 (?), Brutal Sports Football.
Cannon Fodder, Double Dragon V, Rayman, Theme Park. Flashback, Syndicate, Troy Aikman Football, Ultra Vortex.