Hurricane Katrina

As I write this, Hurricane Wilma is poised to sideswipe Cancun -yet all the media outlets are saying it's headed straight for Florida (Update: It did hit Florida after all, but wasn't as devastating as everyone thought.. to Florida at least.) Until it hits I am going to go ahead and put myself on a limb and say that Hurricane Katrina is by far the most devastating hurricane to hit my home city of New Orleans.

With that, I have some pictures taken by my mother through her naturally decorated windshield of her car. She emailed them to me and requested that I post them so here I am, posting them.

I plan on going home during Thanksgiving time and hopefully I can say more about what Katrina did to the city (as far as making it a ghost town), as I'm told it can't really be described until you see it.

The street I once lived on, as did my mother for 17 years. As far as I know there was no flooding on it, but I'm sure windows broke from the wind and rain got inside houses which could explain the carpet padding piled on the side of the road.
Cars parked on the median, hoping to escape floodwaters. Little did they know, that they needed to be a lot more than a foot above eight feet below sea level. It looks like the water submerged them completely.
My aunt Cindy's old street. Surprisingly most of the trees are intact, and the no left turn sign is still mounted to the traffic light.
Markings on a house that I'm sure mean something.
Ruined furniture and equipment waiting to be delivered to a (very probably) very full landfill.
City Park got renovated for free. Unfortunately because it was free, if you are unhappy with the results there is nothing to get refunded.
Ralph's on the Park restaurant. Probably the best nice restaurant I've ever eaten at... Good food, not too expensive, great atmosphere, decent portions... I don't see much damage but I would not be surprised if it never opens again. It being right next to City Park it probably got flooded pretty bad.
A picture of the Ninth Ward. I've probably not ever set foot in the area, but it sure does look decimated.

November 5th, 2005 - Cousin-in-law Drew posted an album of his family's house in Slidell. Click here to view it.