Rebecca's Graduation


It was on the 28th of May of 2005, that my darling
sister Rebecca graduated from Riverdale High School
at the Pontchartrain Center in Kenner, Louisiana.


Despite what it looks, the sign was not used as a prop for this photo.
This is the last picture taken of Rebecca before the ceremony.


Here is simply a small picture of the graduates filing in.


That's Rebecca inside the lime green circle. You can kind of make her
face out.. I got closer to get a better picture but that guy sitting
to her right kept blocking any possible pictures of her face I could get.


And right about here is where I messed up. I was fiddling with the settings on
my camera and turned on what is called an "ND Filter". I had no clue what it did
exactly, but I figured if it filtered then it couldn't be all bad.

Well, after I enabled it all the pictures came out blurry and dark.. Only I didn't
realize that it was my turning on of the filter that caused that. So every picture I
took of Rebecca walking up to the stage and back from the stage ended up not coming out
well at all. I read up on what the filter does, and it does clean up pictures very nicely,
but should be used mostly for outside shots and long exposure pictures.


So I made a movie of her crossing the stage, since I could tell from my picture previews that the pictures were coming out very badly. It is in this movie that you will hear the two previous graduates, and then "Rebecca Muh-let" two which you will hear Aunt Donna and cousins Jennifer and Stacey scream at the top of their lungs, and then a couple more graduates.



16.3 MB, Playing Time: 53 seconds


And here she is walking back to her chair, diploma in hand.


Outside, the family gathers to personally congratulate her, and then
talk about where we could go or do to celebrate together... I bring up
Bud's Broiler and it seems to everyone that it would really hit the spot.

And so we go to get our bellies full with some food from one of the best chains
New Orleans has to offer. This is the first time I've eaten with my mother and
Aunt Donna at the same time in over eight years... Probably more.


A couple of people noticed that I was about to take a picture and posed appropriately.

This concludes my picture/caption session of Rebecca's Graduation. I hope you enjoyed it.

There are more pictures, though.. Not mine. Luckily, Mr. Bobby was able to attend the graduation and took a few of the opportune pictures that I missed, and from the better side of the auditorium. Here they are.. I hope you aren't mad at me for not describing them to you.