Jennifer's Wedding


This is easily the biggest family get-together we've had in a long time... And I was not there to see it (Army). The previous biggest was Aunt Cindy's wedding, which I also didn't attend. :(

Thank you very much Uncle Walter for sending me these pictures.

Clicking on a picture will show you a bigger one.

A family portrait of all of my generation. Jessaca is missing from it, as am I..
Ordered as you read, they are cousins Taylor, Stacey, Jennifer, Seth, Veronica (holding Danielle), Rachel, Alanna, and my sister Rebecca.

A happily married couple walking back the way they came. Here.. obviously is the cake getting cut. I don't see any cake remains on anyone's faces unfortunately.

Uncle Walter, proudly holding his bundle of screams joy. Cousins Rachel and Taylor.. The last time I saw Taylor she was barely able to talk. Cousin Veronica, Rebecca, and Mom having a very delightful conversation. Rebecca looks extremely amused.

Uncle Zachary, Gramma (who I haven't seen since I was 9, I think), Aunt Donna, and Supergramps. Veronica and Rebecca in probably one of the best captures I've seen for either of them. My Uncle Zachary and Uncle Steve (one of the happiest guys I've ever met)...

Uncle Zachary showing his friend where the bathroom is.. Cousin Alanna and Cousin Veronica (who obviously forgot she was a vegetarian for this pic) try to eat the baby.

Other Images That I Can't Leave Out