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Unfortunately 25 out of the 32 pictures I took came out really blurry (I knew I should've gotten a new camera), and most of those were duplicates so all I have to show off is three of them.

Picture added: 11NOV03

This is a nice picture of (from left to right) Me, Mom, Nina, Dan, and Rebecca.
I didn't take it, but rather received it in an email, which is strongly encouraged. :)

Here's who kept me company amidst so many others that I didn't know. My sister Rebecca, Mom, and my girlfriend Jessie. Before I pressed the button all three were standing silently facing the same direction, with their arms crossed left over right with the program held in the right hand. Rebecca saw me taking a picture and posed by uncrossing her arms, and Jessie looked the other way to keep from her face out of the picture... So it's not as good as it could have been. Of the six or so pictures I took of the cake being eaten, only two came out clear. This is one, and the other one shows nothing but the back of the photographer (that one was taken when they gave each other a bite). I had a couple of pictures of the plantation where the wedding took place, but all are pretty plain and barren compared to this one. As we were leaving the place the newlyweds and a couple of photographers came outside and I had to stop and take a picture. I took two, actually... The other one is the same thing, but a little closer. I liked this one better. I waved to them, but I don't think they saw me.