Welcome to Mom's Rug Habit ... Page!

For a period of a few months.. nearly a year my mother was into hook-latching.. Or was it latch-hooking.. I don't know. She was into making rugs. She bought a ton and a half of yarn and various rug paraphernalia off of eBay and went to town... Producing quite a large number of rugs.

One of which was for my birthday which you can see below.

Oh, the time it took mom to make this rug.. Minutes? Nope! Hours? Nope! Days? Nope!
Weeks? Yep!... Well, no actually...
Months then? Yes. I believe four months is what it took to make this monster of a rug. It weighs about ten pounds. 9½ of it is yarn. Wool yarn. Not the cheap acryllic kind, either!
It is now hung on my wall with two extra strength nails, as a display for a fraction of the sweat, blood, and tears Mom has put towards me.

"Why does it say "Noel" on it if it's for my birthday?" you ask.. It's because that is my middle name, and the only pattern my mom could find of that happened to be a Christmas pattern. Great story, really.