Welcome to My ORIGINAL Family Homepage

These are pictures that are too small/big to put in the table below...The wedding picture is my favorite cousin getting married. Then it's all my cousins directly related to her plus Zip, Lock, and some black cat.

I looked really stupid in this picture, so I erm...fixed it up. This is my mom and two sisters.

This is my younger sister refining her horse riding skills.

Again this is my younger sister, putting her arm around Sam Walton.

This is my Rent-A-Dad. He learned me a few things about the world, as well as gave me money.

This is my Rent-A-Mom. She learned me a few Martha Stewart type things, as well as convinced Rent-A-Dad to give me money.

This is my older sister. She is reviewing my mom's resume, but too scared to critique it.

This is my cat, Simone. He is very vicious, so don't pet him.

This is my Rent-A-Cat, named Boomer. Possibly the best kitty in the world.